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We are creating an innovative app for learning

Easier & Faster.

"We are thrilled to announce that NetMindCloud is now part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub !This partnership enables us to leverage Microsoft's tools and resources to drive our innovation and growth. Discover how our commitment to technology and learning excellence is further strengthened!"


Learn essential skills for better personal, student and professional performance with Netmindgym-Tulbrain, our quick and easy learning app. Netmindgym-Tulbrain the secret of learning easy and fast

Are you ready to learn essential skills quickly and effectively? With Netmindgym-Tulbrain, you can improve your typing and speed reading, master spanish, train your mind, learn how to learn, and speak in public with confidence. We are currently in the development phase of this application and we want you to be part of our community to receive information about the project's progress and help us bring it to life.

Netmindgym-Tulbrain is a learning app in development that will offer a wide range of tools and resources designed to improve your skills and transform your life.

It will initially have six modules for people to learn essential skills to improve their personal, student and professional performance quickly and easily:

Typing: Master typing with our personalized, interactive exercises that will help you type faster and more accurately in no time. Forget looking at the keyboard while you type!

Rapid and effective reading: Learn proven techniques to increase your reading speed and comprehension, allowing you to consume more information in less time. Be more efficient and productive in all aspects of your life!

Master languages with ease: Immerse yourself in Spanish or German with our intuitive, AI-powered method that taps into the power of unconscious learning. Seamlessly progress from the basics to advanced fluency on a learning journey that's tailored to your unique pace. Experience the thrill of unlocking a new universe of possibilities as you effortlessly conquer a second language, breaking free from the constraints of traditional education!

Train your mind: Strengthen your mental capacity with exercises that improve your memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. Give your brain the training it deserves!

Learn to learn: Discover how to optimize your study techniques, adapt to new topics, and retain information more effectively. Maximize your learning potential and achieve your goals!

Speak in public: Overcome stage fright and become a confident and eloquent speaker with our unique approach that teaches you to express yourself with clarity and charisma. Leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Sign up now to receive information about the project's progress and be the first to know about Netmindgym-Tulbrain latest developments. 

Also, if you want to support our work and continue to improve Netmindgym-Tulbrain, we invite you to make a donation.

Every small contribution helps us continue to develop the app and offer the best possible experience to our users. Join our mission to unlock the potential of the brain and make a donation today!

We look forward to having you with us during this exciting development stage of Netmindgym-Tulbrain and we are eager to help you unlock your full potential. Sign up now and join the Netmindgym-Tulbrain community!

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