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Our Story

We are passionate about unconscious learning, artificial intelligence, app development, and video games. 

netmindcloud is a startup that was founded in October 2020 with a simple yet ambitious idea: What if we could help people learn quickly, effectively, and efficiently by developing an app using what we are passionate about? 

After months of research, we created a pioneering model of unconscious learning. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to improve it, incorporating new features and technologies to provide the best possible learning experience. 

Our focus on continuous improvement and innovation has led us to develop a model of learning that will offer a revolutionary app.

Netmindgym-Tulbrain will be a fast and easy learning application based on educational neuroscience, unconscious learning with the use of computational tools, artificial intelligence and video games. 

​To learn there are many teaching methods, all these methods have a common feature: they use conscious learning and memorization, with a very low success rate.

netmindcloud takes pride in being part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a collaboration that allows us to access a wide range of Microsoft resources and tools to further enhance our solution and expand our impact in the industry. As partners with Microsoft, we share a common vision of transforming learning and development through innovation and artificial intelligence. This partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering the best learning solutions and experiences to our customers and users worldwide.


​Very soon we will launch a crowdfunding campaign, we hope to have your support.

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